Photo Essay: On the Front Lines

By Spencer Brown

Jon Imperio, Sunset Mail Carrier

Light: There’s nothing like a global pandemic to spur a little introspection, particularly when it comes to appreciating the people who make our daily lives possible: the “essential workers.” They drive our buses, bag our groceries, deliver our mail and packages, fix our cars and most important, they care for us when we are sick. Hats off to the heroes.

Santos Chi, Le Beau Market
Doug Mathieux, Rigolo & Artesano
Tony Vrondissis, Standard 5&10 Ace
Jarrod Brown, Original Joe’s
Dan Ming Li, 49 Geary Muni Driver
Yasmin Martinez, Le Beau Market
Tony Abdulmassih, T&R Automotive Center

Medical Workers in the Middle Of it All

“I have never lived through a pandemic and have never been scared to go to work,” says Dr. Alexander Lam, director of emergency services at the Davies campus of Sutter Health’s California Pacific Medical Center. “I have to admit, especially in the early stages, seeing a patient with coronavirus was intimidating and scary. Am I putting on my PPE correctly; did I touch a doorknob whenI went home; will I get my family, including my partner or my toddler, sick? It has been amazing to feel the entire community and world rally behind health care workers. I was touched by the outpouring of support as we moved forward to fight this virus. Social distancing, staying at home and wearing a mask were never really things I had thought about before as a way to fight disease. It is interesting to see how this pandemic is evolving as time moves on. Our society, as well as healthcare, will see permanent changes when we’re able to get beyond this pandemic.”

Lam is one of nine medical workers photographed at Sutter Health’s Davies, Van Ness and Mills campuses. Since coronavirus hit the Bay Area, these professionals have heroically put their own lives at risk to save others. Nancy Lau, a registered nurse at CPMC Van Ness and 18-year veteran of the hospital, says the Bay Area can continue to flatten the curve — and avoid overcrowding hospitals— through exercising “social distancing, proper hand washing and being mindful to stay home when we are sick.” Echoes Dr. Lam: “There is still so much we need to learn about this virus. … The key to kickstarting the economy is controlling the virus.”

Jacqueline Decker, Clinical Nurse Manager, CPMC Davies Campus
Adam Griswold, Emergency Department Nurse, CPMC Van Ness
Cy Lo, Founder of Saving Face protective gear
Mary Blanchard, Intensive Care Unit Nurse, CPMC Van Ness
Nancy Lau, Staff Nurse, CPMC Van Ness
Georgina Valadez, Respiratory Therapist, Mills Peninsula
Dr. Alexander Lam, Director of Emergency Services, CPMC Davies Campus
Dr. Kendall Allred, Director of Emergency Room, Mills Peninsula
Gigi Guan, Emergency Room Nurse, Mills Peninsula

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