Polo and Environmental Philanthropy in Petaluma

By Julissa James

Sukey Forbes and Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff, left, where among those racing down the 300 yard pitch at Cerro Pampa in the championship match. (All photos by Drew Altizer Photography)

City dwellers journeyed to Petaluma for the polo and stayed for the sunshine at the 2019 Cerro Pampa Oyster Cup Charity Polo Tournament on August 24. Chaired by Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff, the 16th annual event raised $40,000 for The Freshwater Trust, an admirable organization pouring its efforts into repairing essential bodies of water in the western United States.

While onlookers enjoyed rosé and freshly shucked oysters under the protective veil of stylish sun hats, competition on the field was fierce. Equestrian wunderkind Simone Harper, whose team finished third, was the youngest at the tournament. The second place winners, Team Studio 5 Learning & Development, included Rebecca and Jascha Kaykas-Wolff and Jesse Lee Eller, founder of the organization that inspired the team’s name.

Ultimately, the big shiny trophy went to Team Risk Strategies, whose members included Sukey Forbes, Ignacio Deltour, Linda Vegher, Erin Nagle and Jack Ziegler. Bravo!

Thistle Meats and Pedras Wines of Mendocino were among the purveyors slinging locally sourced sustenance. Boldface names spotted wining and dining: Megan Gray Stromberg, general manager of The Battery; Wil Harris, owner of Cerro Pampa Polo Club; philanthropists Chris and Holly Hollenbeck; and players Elizabeth Duffy and Richard Mansfield. Toto Socas and Lauren Whitlock were also in attendance.

Linda Vegher, Sukey Forbes, Jack Ziegler, Ignacio Deltour and Erin Nagle
Sandra Brittijn, Sam Ghulami and Cecilia Harris
Kaykas-Wolff and Alex Johnson
Simone Harper, Ana Michelle Wilson and Kaykas-Wolff
Angus Wilson and Cobie Everdell
June Chiu, Patricia Wyrod, Megan Stromberg and Lauren Whitlock
Jesse Lee Eller and Donna Mendes

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