Presidio Theatre Raises Its Curtain Once Again

Photos by Agency Moanalani Jeffrey

One of the lively performances at Presidio Theatre’s opening night bash.

The Presidio Theatre opened its doors for the first time in 24 years with an electric opening bash on September 21. Six hundred revelers flocked to the landmark location, originally built in 1939, for lively and very Bay Area performances from Beach Blanket Babylon, San Francisco Girls Chorus, Leung’s White Crane Dragon and Lion Dance Association, and Te Mana O Te Ra, a Tahitian dance company.

The exciting restoration comes courtesy of Peggy Haas and the Margaret E. Haas Fund, which will allow the revamped space to serve the community with live music and theater, of course, but also dance, lectures, film screenings and more. Some familiar faces in the audience: Valerie Raskin, Elmy Bermejo, Ben Strange, Carlos Venturo, Joseph Copely and Elena Ng.

Stephanie Schnorbus and Ben Strange
Nancy Leavens and Debi Curley
Jeff Gustafson, Joseph Copely and Carlos Venturo
Peggy Haas and Elmy Bermejo

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