Project Glimmer

Photos by Jessica Monroy for Drew Altizer

November 7

Christena Reinhard, Octavia Yearwood, Sophia Roe, Elaine Asher and Christina Giguere

Project Glimmer’s 7th Annual Luncheon brought together influential women and CEOs to encourage young girls across the country to be their best selves. Mayor London Breed and wellness advocate Sophia Roe were among the powerful women pushing the #WorkYourMagic theme to the crowd. Other names that stood out in the crowd: Sonja Perkins, Joanna Coles, Marissa Shipman, Debbie Sterling and Lisa Stone.

Octavia Yearwood
Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, Janet Guthrie, Sonja Perkins and Tomoko Koyama
Chrissy Shea, Elisa Donovan and Stacy Bonney
Sheree Pirie and Bud E. Love
Sonja Perkins and Autumn Adeigbo

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