Secrets of Moanalani Jeffrey

By Michelle Konstantinovsky

Judging by her eclectic portfolio and jaw-dropping client roster (Barack and Michelle Obama, to name just two), Moanalani Jeffrey’s grand ambitions just couldn’t be contained in Hilo, Hawaii. After settling in San Francisco 14 years ago, Jeffrey became a regular on the city scene, making a name for herself as the founder and principal photographer of Agency Moanalani Jeffrey. But when she’s not shooting exclusive events, parties and portraits, Jeffrey is inspiring readers with her sense of style, courtesy of her fashion blog, Clique. We asked the multitalented entrepreneur with an eye for beauty to share some of her favorite products and treatments. You’re welcome.


You can officially toss the Whitestrips—Jeffrey keeps her pearly whites gleaming with a kitchen staple you probably already have in your cabinets: coconut oil. “Oil pulling has become a cult classic with my friends,” she says. “After a month, your teeth will be whiter and have an amazing shine, regardless of how much coffee or red wine you drink.”

This Ayurveda-influenced practice may already be on your radar thanks to another beauty influencer (GOOP’s Gwyneth P.), but if you’ve been reluctant to try the detoxifying regimen, know that it’s surprisingly simple: “Swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth every morning for 20 minutes,” Jeffrey says. “Yes, it’s the same coconut oil that you cook with!” Once you reach optimum brightness, she recommends repeating the process once in a while for maintenance.


Bay Area’s skin-conscious beauty connoisseurs entrust their flawless complexions to dermatologist Kathleen Welsh. Now they rely on her for upkeep in other areas. “I love my body; I don’t love my problem areas,” Jeffrey says. “CoolSculpting is my favorite quick fix. I just got my second treatment and am officially obsessed.” Jeffrey is a loyal fan of Bay Area Body, where Welsh, the first Northern California doctor to offer the non-invasive fat reduction treatment, addresses everything from love handles to bra bulge. “The best thing is that I didn’t have any scars or downtime,” Jeffrey says. “I went right back to my busy schedule and the results are so natural, which is a must for me.”


Facts are facts: A gorgeous look starts with a clean palette. “Great skin is the basis for any makeup you put on your face,” Jeffrey says. Because she finds that SF’s less-than-tropical climate deprives her Hawaiian-born pores of much-needed moisture, she relies on Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate Cleanser. “My skin loves humidity, so I keep it looking fresh by washing for a couple of minutes every few days with this enzyme-packed skin resurfacer.” The product contains scrubbing microbeads to gently cleanse while papaya, pumpkin and pineapple agents slough off dead cells for a radiant glow.


“I think women having nice nails is the equivalent of men having nice shoes,” Jeffrey says. “That’s why I’m always polished!” Although she opts for at-home manicures, Jeffrey says people often mistake her handiwork for professional salon gel. “Part of it is over 20 years of practice, but I know a bigger part is the top coat I use,” she says. Jeffrey keeps her tips pristine with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, which she says dries ultrafast, going on thick yet smooth to permeate the polish underneath.


To get her smile camera-ready (whether she’s behind the lens or posing in front of it), Jeffrey counts on two heavy-hitters: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Anarchy and YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in 19. “This is my go-to when I need lips that don’t quit,” she says. “This combination will give you a long-lasting vibrant pout.” Jeffrey starts by outlining and filling her lips with the UD liner before adding a dab of YSL lipstick in the center for a sparkly finish.


You don’t need Kardashian or Jenner DNA to look like a makeup pro. “We’ve all seen those contouring videos that look like it requires a PhD to learn the application technique,” Jeffrey says. “I’m pretty skilled in makeup application, but even I’m afraid of contouring.” Instead, she sticks to MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer in Matte finish, dusting it along her cheeks, hairline and jaw for a five-minute contour that even a beginner could recreate.

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