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Secrets of the Healthy Maven

By Michelle Konstantinovsky

It started as a passion project. Six years, 2,200 miles and 46.5K Instagram followers (and counting) later, Davida Lederle’s passion is officially a mind-blowingly successful profession. The Toronto native is perhaps better known as The Healthy Maven (@thehealthymaven), the name of her multichannel health and wellness platform dedicated to making healthy living attainable and sustainable.

Photo by Bettina Bogar.

“It initially started as a blog where I chronicled my own journey, and since then, it’s grown more than I ever expected,” says Lederle, a former neonatal brain imaging researcher. “I have a podcast that I run weekly, a YouTube channel and Camp Wellness, which is a women’s wellness lifestyle retreat. There are a lot of moving pieces now that I definitely didn’t anticipate when I randomly started this and sharing little snippets on the internet. I never thought I’d be here today. But that’s what you get when you try something new.” Part of this leap into novel territory for Lederle was a relocation from Canada to California. “We moved out here two years ago because my husband’s family is here,” she says. “I could not have asked for a better wellness community — I immediately felt at home.” We sat down with The Healthy Maven herself to find out some of her go-to products, places and practices for staying strong, calm and nourished in the bustling, sometimes-stressful Bay Area.

Home Delivery 

“I actually don’t go grocery shopping often — I love Imperfect Produce,” Lederle says. “I use it every week to get organic produce sent to my house. I’ll stop by Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s for pantry essentials, but I use them for bulk vegetables in particular. I love the team there — I work a lot with them, and they’re just so sweet and on a mission I believe in.”

Well Fed

Count on Lederle to know the perfect healthy meal to throw together in a pinch. “You can’t go wrong with a bowl with some type of grain — rice, quinoa, farro, etcetera — veggies, and either tofu or chicken,” she says. “I put those three things together and I could put tahini on literally everything. For me, that’s the perfect meal. You don’t have to get super fancy.” And if she’s out on the town, Lederle has a favorite go-to food spot. “I love Jane,” she says. “There are so many different options for people. I always try something new, and it’s always good.”

Puppy Love

 Anyone who follows Lederle on social media knows there are two special guys in her life: her husband Curt and their gorgeous goldendoodle, Bodhi. “He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us,” she says. “He’s also my emotional support animal, so he flies with me. If I’m feeling overwhelmed or upset or anxious, he knows, and he comes over and gives actual hugs — because we taught him to hug! He’s everything.”

Park Life

 Lederle is quick to name Bodhi’s favorite urban doggy haven. “Definitely Golden Gate Park — he thinks it’s his backyard. He’s in for a rude awaken-ing when we do get a backyard. He’s gonna be like, ‘What is this?!’ We let him run around off-leash and he has the best time. And we have the best time too — it’s so crazy to think we have access to this place in the middle of a city.”

Going Solo

On the rare day off, Lederle craves quiet time to recharge. “I love taking myself on a date and going to either The Pad or Anchor Meditation and then heading to the Fort Mason Farmers Market,” she says. “I love just being alone and present in the city. And I love treating myself to a latte at St. Frank’s.”

On a Mission

 Thinking of making some major life changes? Lederle can help, but she offers up a preliminary caveat. “I honestly think the first step is doing a lot of internal work and asking yourself why you want to make changes,” she says. “Does it come from a place of self-love or self-hate? Are you looking to feel more comfortable in your own skin and creating a lifestyle you can feel good about maintain for rest of life? Those are really good reasons why. But if you’re feeling really unhappy about who you are and you’re hoping that making changes will bring about happiness, you’re in for a long journey. Figure out your whys before making any changes because there will be so many people telling you what you need to do, and how to eat, and how to move, and how to take care of your-self, but at the end of the day, only you can know if those changes are best for you.”

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