SFMOMA Applauds Architect Neri Oxman

Photos by Ando Caulfield and Drew Altizer for Drew Altizer Photography


Neri Oxman, Yves Behar and Sabrina Buell

This fall, SFMOMA honored the brilliant designer and architect Neri Oxman with its 2019 Contemporary Vision Award, which “recognizes creative minds across all disciplines and professions who have helped redefine contemporary visual culture.”

It’s fitting.

Oxman, a tenured professor at MIT as well as an inventor, is renowned for groundbreaking work that blurs the lines between computational design, digital fabrication, materials science and synthetic biology. Oxman’s achievements have been documented in more than 150 publications. Her sculpture Gemini (2014) is part of SFMOMA’s permanent collection, but her larger body of work will be the focus of a singular exhibition at the museum in 2021.

“Oxman boldly steps forward to address contemporary environmental concerns and existing systemic issues through science, technology and design, but mostly through imagination,” says Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher, head of the Department of Architecture and Design at SFMOMA. “Her vision of the future is one of hope and possibility, which we need.”

Oxman accepted her award in style, sleek in an all-black ensemble with her free-flowing curls tied into an effortlessly chic updo.

Wayee Chu and Neal Benezra
George Chammas and Mimi Haas
Billy Heidenfeldt, Helen Hilton Raiser and Joseph Becker
Randi Fisher, Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher and Lisa Pritzker
Jennifer Benham and Stephanie Tuttle






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