She Rides

Motorcycling has traditionally been an alpha male undertaking, with ladies occasionally spotted perched behind the guys to go along for the ride. Less often, we might encounter a woman riding her own bike, delightfully shattering well-established stereotypes.

The 2019 Quail Motorcycle Gathering, a classic Concours d’Elegance event held May 4th in Carmel Valley spotlighted women motorcycle pros and enthusiasts on center stage for a Fireside Chat with event organizer Gordon McCall. Each brought very interesting and compelling motorcycle experience to share with the audience.

Eleven-year-old Kayla Yaakov brought her impressive competition résumé to the discussion. She’s one of the most successful youth motorcycle racers in the history of the sport, winning over 300 races and 35 championships, including two AMA Grand National titles. Yaakov also holds the record as the youngest rider to compete in a sanctioned full-size motorcycle race against adults and win!

Cristine Sommer Simmons brought her years of motorcycling to the panel as an internationally published journalist and co-founder of Harley Women magazine. Sommer Simmons has been inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame three times and competed in four Motorcycle Cannonball cross country competitions. Her book, The American Motorcycle Girls 1900-1950, chronicles the adventures of the earliest generation of feminine riders.

When Ginger Damon began to ride, she found motorcycle apparel provided safety, but little fit or sense of fashion for women. So she solved that problem by founding Gigi Montrose Moto Couture, a women’s motorcycle apparel brand that blends innovative materials to create style with all-important safety. The gear is worth checking out even if you don’t ride.

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