Shreve & Co. and Mikimoto’s 1920s Soirée

Photos by Jessica Monroy for Drew Altizer Photography

Diane Adams and Claudia Ross

It was Gatsby, Gatsby, Gatsby when luxury jewelry company Mikimoto and retailer Shreve & Co. turned a spectacular Sea Cliff manor into a jewelry lovers’ paradise for SFCASA, the program that trains and empowers community members to stand up for the rights of foster children who are neglected and abused. The stunning home, listed on the market by high-end Bay Area realtor Beverly Barnett, combines classic architecture with contemporary design and offered guests breathtaking views of the city and Golden Gate Bridge. Party goers, decked out in their 1920s-themed best, admired some of Shreve & Co. and Mikimoto’s most-prized pieces, including a 16-inch cultured Akoyal pearl necklace with a 39-pearl strand and signature clasp that was owned by Marilyn Monroe — gifted to her by then-husband and SF baseball legend Joe DiMaggio. DiMaggio purchased the necklace from Mikimoto in Japan during the couple’s 1954 honeymoon.

Elizabeth Olek and Beverly Barnett
Gwyneth Borden and Juan Hernandez
Ginger Crane
Melanie Ross and Martin Mantalvanos

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