Shreve & Co. Hosts a Sparkly Pre-party for Ever Forward Masked Ball

Photos by Ando Caulfield for Drew Altizer Photography

Ashanti Branch, Elaine Mellis and Franc D’Ambrosio

On November 12, Jewelers Shreve & Co. hosted an intimate pre-party for the Ever Forward Masked Ball, the Ever Forward Club’s February 11 gala at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco with honorary chair Jennifer Siebel Newsom.

The organization supports young men of color through their adolescence, with a focus on family, education, personal growth and more. Its members, and those on the Ever Forward Masked Ball’s honorary committee, showed up in droves to Shreve’s beloved flagship store on Post Street.

Among them was Ashanti Branch, founder and president of the nonprofit; gala co-chairs Elaine Mellis and Tanum Davis Bohen; and honorary committee members Clara Shayevich, Jane and Arlene Inch, Sean Bohen, Monaz Mehta and others.

Also in attendance: The Phantom of the Opera’s Franc D’Ambrosio, who is slated to perform at the upcoming soiree, Shreve’s Diane Adams, Farah Makras, Chris Meza, Martha Szatkowski and more.

Tanum Davis Bohen
Chad Olcott, Jane and Arlene Inch and Alan Skelton
Brett Andrews, Kamiar Fariba and Robert Ferguson
Barbara Winchill, Natalia Urrutia-Hernandez, Doug Waggener and Clara Shayevich

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