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Waiting for your morning coffee and croissant, you take a much-needed pause, admiring the mix of blues and greens in the mural overhead, and snap a photo with your phone. Later, you wonder about the artist and where you might find more work. Now, with Wescover’s partnership with Google Lens, the same iOS or Android device you used to capture that image can reveal exactly that: Heather Day’s Wall Mural at Craftsman and Wolves in San Francisco. You can then view a location-based portfolio of Day’s work or connect directly via Wescover’s site.

Wescover bills itself as “the most comprehensive catalog of mapped objects in the world.” Over 50,000 images from more than 6,000 independent artists and local brands are already searchable, from Rexhill’s custom stools at Roundhouse in Beacon, NY, to Jackie Saccoccio’s “Echo” painting at Twitter HQ. San Francisco is also Wescover’s first “lens-able” location, launched in July in collaboration with Google Lens.

The idea for the catalog first bubbled up for Wescover co-founder and CEO Rachely Esman four years ago, when she moved to San Francisco after commuting between Columbia Business School and her native Israel. Her new home needed furniture, but Esman didn’t run straight to a name-brand store. “I wanted something more unique,” she says, “with stories that I care about.”

Esman and co-founder and CTO Yoad Snapir came up with Wescover to “enrich every physical environment with digital context and stories.” Two years later, they connected with Google Lens, pursuing its own mission to make the world searchable.

The map, which launched with 30 art objects in and around San Francisco, had 70 by the end of the month, and continues to grow as artists add their work (the latest tally is approaching 200). The goal is to also use the tech partnership to discover furniture, lighting, and more, as the Wescover site does—an expansion that also hits on a trend in the design space as consumers shift to desiring a lived experience.


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