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Spa Self-Reliance

By Natasha Chalenko

I’ve always been a firm believer that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of intervention, and this is especially applicable to skincare maintenance. While nothing can replace the effectiveness and joy of regular spa facials (the pure luxury of simply not doing anything and being pampered for an hour or two!), some fabulous celebrity estheticianbacked brands offer at-home beauty tools for professional level results. I am constantly testing new and exciting beauty products and these three rise to the top of my list.

Wonder Wand

Joanna Vargas’ spa-grade Magic Glow Wand uses targeted treatment settings to address myriad skin concerns. Four different modes (hot, cold, plus a massage setting for each) recreate the steps of a spa facial: steaming to unclog the pores, lymphatic drainage to detox, cryotherapy to soothe inflammation and facial massage to reduce puffiness and promote microcirculation. The sleek minimalistic design makes it a perfect on-the-go companion. Joanna Vargas Magic Glow Wand, $285;

Smooth Operator

The gliding motion and curved edges of Nurse Jamie’s TriAngle replicate the scooping massage technique used by professional estheticians to achieve a more chiseled appearance of the jawline, cheeks and neck. Two high frequency sonic vibration settings — normal and heated — help facilitate better absorption of creams, serums and oils. Smart added features, such as Intelligent Touch Sensor and timer alert, create an intuitive user experience. Nurse Jamie TriAngle Facial Beauty Tool, $159;


Jade is considered a stone of abundance, wealth and good fortune. The philosophy behind this Reiki energy charged Green Jade Gemstone Roller by Knesko is to enhance one’s balance and sense of well-being. The rolling motion relaxes facial muscles, boosts circulation and refreshes the skin. Pair this roller with the brand’s Nanogold Repair Multi-Masking Kit for a truly luxurious at-home spa ritual. Knesko Green Jade Gemstone Roller, $80;

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