The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe of Stephanie Marver

by Natasha Chalenko | photo by Margo Moritz

Stephanie Marver is a bright style star on San Francisco’s social scene. Her gala ensembles are always impeccably crafted and unpredictably exciting—from dreamy ‘70s-inspired chiffon and feathers to Great Gatsby-esque deco and elegant glam noir, Marver keeps us guessing. What will she wear next? She prefers the craftsmanship of established European fashion houses and mixes designers based on who’s got the strongest new collections. “I’m self-taught and have always pushed myself not to get into uniform mode,” she says. “I assess what I own at the beginning of the season and make decisions about what to let go so I can make room for new treasures. As much as I love my collection, I don’t see it as art but rather a documentation of my lifestyle and special moments.”

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