Taking a Page From Women in the Arts

Ian Chin for Drew Altizer Photography

Sarah Thornton, Thomas Campbell and Lava Thomas

September 12

San Francisco art aficionados showed up in droves for the VIP opening of Surfacing Histories Sculpting Memories, a paper- and women-centric exhibition at the California College of the Arts’ Hubbell Street Galleries, presented in conjunction with the National Museum of Women in the Arts’ Women to Watch series.

Curated by Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco’s Claudia Schmuckli, the exhibition stuck to the series’ 2020 theme — “paper routes” — by tapping five artists who used paper as their primary medium to create intricate works of art. Surfacing Histories Sculpting Memories presented its own Bay Area flair, with works steeped in such themes as social justice and innovation.

The regional exhibition is organized by San Francisco Advocacy for the National Museum of Women in the Arts, a committee founded by arts patrons Lorna Meyer Calas and Carol Parker to support women artists in the area. One artist from Surfacing Histories Sculpting Memories will represent Northern California at the months long Paper Routes — Women to Watch 2020 show, held at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C., next year.

Jaime Austin and Stephen Beal, director of exhibitions and public programming and president of California College of the Arts, respectively, celebrated artists Sofía Córdova, Julia Goodman, Amy Tavern and Lava Thomas — who are CCA alumnae — and Sandra Ono at the opening.

Sandra Ono
Thomas Campbell, Stephen Beal and Claudia Schmukli
Bruce and Amanda Spivey
Lisa Lubliner and Cheryl Kiddo
Carol Parker, Lorna Meyer Calas, Ilene Gutman and Robin Laub

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