Tales From the Gazette Matchmaker

By Julissa James

Here at the Gazette, we like to think of ourselves as community connectors. Between covering the adventures of local personalities, shining a light on truly native experiences, and satisfying Party Page addictions (yes, we know about that, and no, we don’t blame you), we thought: “Why not throw a little love into the mix?” So that’s exactly what we did. We humbly present the Gazette Matchmaker, our attempt to bring more passion into your world with levity and a dash of good-natured nosiness.

Illustration by Matt Huynh

After much deliberation (these are people’s lives, after all), we decided to match  Sylvia Bishop, a hard worker with a great smile who describes herself  as “awesome, smart, very independent,” and Jimmy Connors, a biking and baseball enthusiast who enjoys urban hikes around the City and describes himself using the words “sensitive, loyal, passionate, legs.” They met at FiDi hotspot Credo for a five-course meal with wine pairings (note: Jimmy loves a good food-and-wine situation). The date didn’t exactly go off without a hitch, but the results were a smash nonetheless.

First-date jitters are expected, and may even cause someone to type the completely wrong address into Google Maps. By someone, we mean Jimmy. “I went to Bar Crudo, not Credo, and was 30 minutes late,” he admits. “I thought she would be gone but I gave it a try. She was still [at the bar] as I checked in    I apologized profusely and she asked, ‘Do you still want to do this?’ She rolled with it. It wasn’t an issue.” Sylvia, being the good sport that she is, had decided to stick it out for half an hour before throwing in the towel. Jimmy arrived just in the nick of time. “He was very apologetic and pleasant,” she tells the Gazette. It’s lucky that her major dislike is dishonesty and not tardiness, or the date might have ended before it began.

Illustration by Matt Huynh

The rest of the night was a good old fashioned getting-to-know-each-other fest. Jimmy  appreciated Sylvia being in the moment, the fluidity of their conversation, and her killer listening skills. Sylvia appreciated Jimmy’s agreeable nature. They are both elated they put themselves out there — not an easy task, especially when it will be documented for the masses. The date was even extended, which was the highlight of the night for them both. “We had a couple drinks afterwards and I walked her home,” Jimmy says. “It was a lovely SF night.” 

One a scale from 1 to 10, she rated the entire experience a 9, and he rated it a solid 8. Here’s the kicker, folks: Sylvia and Jimmy have plans for a second rendezvous, with no Gazette interference necessary.

Illustration by Matt Huynh

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