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The Wardrobe on Tatum Getty

By Erin Carlson

Mama’s Gonna Knock You Out! Above: “Working in the fitness industry­ — and also being a mom and carting my kids all around — means I tend to be in workout clothes 90 percent of the day,” says Getty, who’s certainly not alone among the women sporting fashionable yet functional athletic gear for maximum comfort. “I work with Barry’s Bootcamp and The Assembly, which is a women’s only fitness club in the Mission, so it’s job-appropriate to wear my workout clothes there.”

The stylish San Franciscan and fitness brand consultant answers the door to her chic Pacific Heights home with a big smile and hello,  accompanied by her happy-go-lucky Norfolk terrier, Gypsy. Getty and her husband, Alexander, a photographer and son of Getty Images founder Mark Getty, have created a space that feels at once sophisticated and unpretentious, worldly and homey- — it’s the perfect place for a photoshoot that Gypsy, who loves the camera, will continually disrupt. In between portrait sessions with our crew, Getty explains her

Not Your Average Little Black Dress Getty procured this Christopher Kane ruffled bodycon dress from Armarium at a San Francisco pop-up party that she hosted. “It’s brilliant,” she raves of the luxury rental site, which carries high-end designers such as Marc Jacobs, Brandon Maxwell, Vionnet and Johanna Ortiz.

vibrant sense of style, which runs the gamut from one-of-a-kind finds (like a cheeky red belt she procured in an LA boutique on Melrose) to a fashion-forward spin on the athleisure apparel we all live in to run errands en route to the gym.

“Coming from LA, I have a lot more color in my wardrobe and I sort of have a bohemian flair to me,” says Getty, after posing in a cherry print dress she discovered at the Roman shop Bonpoint (see it on page 65). “I love

vintage shopping and finding old things and then pairing it with new trends. My mother-in-law [Domitilla Harding] was a fashion designer and had a line and she gets inspiration from vintage clothing, so I’ll go [shopping] with her. And she ships a lot of European clothing to me. So I find I tend to have things that people don’t always have.”

And for all those wondering: She likes to work out at Barry’s Bootcamp, a client of hers with a cult following.  “I just did 23andMe, and the gene thing came back saying that I have the genes of elite athletes-—and I was like, ‘Well, that makes sense,’” says Getty, whose arm muscles build up easily. “People always ask, ‘What do you do?’”

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