TechBio Propels Healthcare Into the Digital Age

Photos by Devlin Shand for Drew Altizer

Stuart Peterson, Vasudev Bailey, Austin Walne and Mike Harden

Artificial intelligence-powered cardiac care? Just one of many ideas thrown around at TechBio: The Future of Healthcare last month. The technology-meets-medicine-conference was put on by ARTIS Ventures, the San Francisco-based VC firm whose portfolio companies range from working in natural language processing to synthetic biology. Hundreds of tech, pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals joined ARTIS partners Vasudev Bailey, Stuart Peterson, Austin Walne and Mike Harden at the Merchants Exchange Club to discuss the health care industry’s growth potential with tech, and toast to the many possibilities.

Subbu Venkatraman, Steve Pham and Nicole Gaskari
Diana Bai and Apoorva Bandhi

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