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Compiled by Jennifer Blot

Special to the Nob Hill Gazette

“Lois should be incredibly proud of what she has built as publisher of the Nob Hill Gazette. The magazine is integral to our community, having captured San Francisco’s history and people for the past 40 years. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the Gazette is worth a million—its pages are filled with incredible photos that capture the verve of the City. While her daily presence will be missed, I wish Lois all the best in retirement.”  — Senator Dianne Feinstein

“My favorite story is when I was traveling across country, I took my Nob Hill Gazette on the plane to read and as I sat down in my seat, the woman sitting next to me pulled out her Gazette at exactly the same time. We exchanged smiles and started reading.” — Brian Boitano

“Lois has ensured that the Nob Hill Gazette has remained an engaging publication, providing its readers with updates on the robust philanthropic efforts that have made the city of San Francisco so great. She has helped raise millions of dollars by spreading awareness of a myriad of worthy causes within San Francisco and I thank her for over 30 years of selfless dedication to the Nob Hill community. I commend Lois’s commitment to a city that is very near and dear to my heart and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.” 
— Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom

“Lois is truly the most sensational woman that I have ever met! Not only is she big-hearted, she is dynamic and incredibly talented in all that she made of the nob hill gazette. Beautiful and kind, she’ll be missed at the magazine, but we can’t wait to see what she has in store next. All women should look to her as an inspiration for their lives and how to live them.”  — Karen Caldwell

“I can’t wait until Lois writes her memoirs. My suggestion for the title is, ‘The Glamour of it All,’ with the sequel being, ‘The Drama of it All’! Of course, as someone once famously said: ‘I may never lunch in this town again’—LOL!”
— Joel Goodrich

“Lois is the queen of the San Francisco social pages! Working every day and week with Lois leading the NHG has been a complete pleasure for many, many years and we will miss her every month. A huge thank you to Lois for all of the fun.” — Drew Altizer

“Lois Lehrman has always been an inspiration to me. Her leadership personifies perseverance and excellence. She has been a role model not only professionally but also on how to approach all situations with grace and humor. Her publication, over the years, has only gotten better and better, and is a must-read. I look forward to this publication and to its continued success.” — Dr. Elisa Stephens, President, Academy of Art University

“Lois certainly is the soul of the Nob Hill  Gazette and the engine behind it and the driving light and the heart of that magazine. She’s done wonderful, wonderful things and I salute her. She’ll always be associated with it. No matter who runs it, it will always be her baby.”  — Dede Wilsey

“My Friend & Publisher Emeritus, Lois: Behind that beautiful face is a brain that is wired for success. With passion, commitment and intellect, she has built a legendary magazine. Lucky for us. Hooray for you, Lois—and thank you!”  — Ann Moller Caen

“As a 91-year-old citizen of San Francisco, I have taken many newspapers: the Call Bulletin, the San Francisco Daily News, the San Francisco Chronicle, just to name a few. It is with great pride that I include the Nob Hill Gazette among them. My dear friend Lois Lehrman has made it one of the most glorious papers of all. I love her, congratulate her and commend her for a job well done, hoping for her a well-deserved retirement and many happy years.” — Dr. Richard Stephens, Academy of Art University

“Lois became as important to those of us who were after votes as any neighborhood newspaper. To be in one of the candid shots at some swank party, migrating from black-and-white to color, and with the quip about your costume from Lois Lehrman, if positive, gave you bragging rights over the likes of those whom she did not mention by name. The ultimate disappointment was to be in the photograph and not be identified. That was Lois’s message.”  — Hon. Willie L. Brown, Jr.

“Lois created a lasting, unique, trusted high-end brand that embodies the colorful culture and fabric of San Francisco society. Lois never attended an event without her camera clutched in her hands. All of San Francisco welcomes Lois Lehrman into their homes and lives because they knew that her published works would be tasteful, accurate, without the common sensationalism found in most publications.” 
— Wendy Paskin

“Lois has been a friend of my wife, Wendy, since 1989, and she had the foresight to introduce my wife to me when I was police chief. Lois said to Wendy, ‘Either you’re going to date Frank Jordan or I will.’ Wendy and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this month. You have perfect taste in friends, Lois!” — Former SF Mayor Frank Jordan

“Besequined and bespangled in her work clothes, Lois Lehrman has spent the past 30 years using a pair of diamond-studded opera glasses to observe—and mingle with—the high-stepping folks at the peaks of San Francisco society. In this lofty setting, she has been known not only for her keen vision, but also for watching where she stepped. She has been wise enough to realize you never know what’s on the sidewalk, even on Nob Hill.” — Leah Garchik

“There is something fun about a newspaper filled with boldface names and pictures, especially when its publisher is not only tireless but also indefatigably elegant!”  — Stanlee Gatti

“In the retirement of Lois Lehrman, the city and our neighborhood newspaper business have lost an outstanding publisher. During her years at the helm of the Nob Hill Gazette, Lois’s influence spanned many different arenas beyond the pages of the paper, most especially her great promotion of so many wonderful philanthropic causes. After decades in the industry, I hope that Lois will fully enjoy her well-earned retirement, and that she will continue to bring her many talents to the philanthropic endeavors and fun events that make San Francisco great. In the meantime, we hope she now has the time to enjoy her favorite beach, Paris, the South of France, the Taj Mahal, and her own back yard—wonderful San Francisco.”  — Charlotte Mailliard Shultz, Chief of Protocol, City and County of  San Francisco and State of California

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