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The Art of Perfection

Manhattan, Singapore, Paris, San Francisco—these cosmopolitan capitols are synonymous with fine dining. But Los Altos? Yes, thanks to one man’s quiet contributions to the Silicon Valley suburb’s foodie reputation with his passion and dedication to the time honored art of Japanese culinary craftsmanship.

In an understated storefront on Main Street in Los Altos sits a restaurant that’s small in size, but big on cuisine. If you peek in through a modest window in the building’s facade, you’ll spy a single table crafted from an elegant piece of 800-year-old Japanese Keyaki wood. The table seats eight, period. The décor’s simplistic elegance and emphasis on the exquisite (including shadow boxes spotlighting rare, Japanese-cut crystal and a gentle, Zen-like waterfall), echo acclaimed chef and restaurateur Hiroshi Kimura’s overarching philosophy on cuisine.

Born in Kobe, Japan—the region synonymous with the celebrated marbled Wagyu beef—Kimura has spent more than four decades committing himself fully to the mission of expertly preparing Wagyu steak. Along the way he has become a living legend for his Yakiniku (Japanese grilling and barbequing) skills. His Oahu restaurant, Yakiniku Hiroshi, was considered one of the best dining experiences in Honolulu for years.

But Kimura was searching for something more, and he discovered it in Silicon Valley. He relates, “I wanted an intimate room where my Kobe/Wagyu based-dinner can be crafted individually for an elite client—a client who would appreciate the best.” His uncompromising menu is served with the spirit of omotenashi (which translates directly to “hospitality” in English, but might be more appropriately summed up in Hawaiian with the spirit of aloha).

His singular focus, from securing the best quality ingredients to preparing and presenting them in this private setting, yields a 10+ course meal similar to a journey of discovery for the senses, from the exquisite Hotate (scallops from Hokaido) with trout roe and miso, to the Tempura Kisu topped with Oesetra Caviar, to the sublime Hibachi Grilled Wagyu Beef with Grilled Asparagus, Shitake Mushrooms, Truffle Salt, and Ponzu Sauce. All dishes are enhanced with the pairing of the finest sakes, wines, and Champagnes.

Such an extraordinary meal at Hiroshi comes with the price tag to match—fine dining starts at $575 per person. But this is not just a steak dinner; Hiroshi’s is a transporting experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.


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