The Art of Skincare

Drew Altizer Photography

Serenity MedSpa’s queen of aesthetics and co-owner, Dr. Lisa Kang, photographed with her capable team.

Serenity MedSpa celebrated a year of elevating Burlingame’s skin care routine with a blend of noninvasive procedures and K-Beauty techniques — a formula it has perfected since 2006. The Burlingame spa’s anniversary soiree, held inside its clean, elegant digs, welcomed Serenity loyalists and perspective clients lured by the surgery-like results and promise of enhanced natural beauty.

Jhossy Varnauskas takes one of the spa’s high-tech beauty gadgets for a whirl.
Marybeth Lamotte, Tatiana Takaeva and Yulia Lopatyuk give off a collective glow (reveal your skin care routines, ladies!).
Altana Danzhalova, Sophie Azouaou, Takaeva and Esfir Shrayber celebrate the art of good skin.
Kang and Ethan Wheeler understand the transformational properties of a good moisturizer.

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