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The Art of Suiting With Ken Fulk

By David Nash

Ken Fulk is known as much for his internationally acclaimed interior design projects — and unparalleled showmanship — as he is for his impeccable personal style. 

Prep school. Fulk sports a custom-designed houndstooth- pattern suit from Thom Browne. “Classic preppy style still influences me — it’s one of the reasons I’m drawn to Thom Browne. His clothes are the hyper-realization of iconic American style.” Shoes and tie also by Thom Browne; silver fox cufflinks are vintage. Photo by Chad Riley.

“I love good flair,” says Fulk. “I dress up every single day of my life. I’ll wear cufflinks, patent-leather shoes and three-quarter-length riding coats for any occasion.” 

The Virginia native has been a fashion independent since childhood. “I picked out my own clothes since I was six-years-old,” explains Fulk, who identifies as mostly preppy. “We’d go to our local department store — which wasn’t very fancy — and I’d have my little blue blazers made, and pick out the brass buttons — it’s just who I was.” 

At a glance, his wardrobe may appear a little erratic — though well-organized — with a mix of vintage military uniforms and custom-made designer pieces from Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Tom Ford, Dior, Ralph Lauren and Thom Browne. “The other day I wore a Tom Ford era Yves Saint Laurent suit that I just adore! It’s from the glory years when Ford was doing Gucci and Saint Laurent,” recalls Fulk. “In some ways it’s in opposition to my preppy American roots.” 

Dapper Gent. “Growing up in an age of preppy style, I had every bright color of Lacoste polo shirt … that is, until my dad did laundry when my mother was away, and all of a sudden I had them in pastel!” Here, Fulk opts out of color and instead channels the Duke of Windsor with a vintage glen plaid coat from Yves Saint Laurent and coordinating black vest, tie and trousers (Yves Saint Laurent, Dior and Ferragamo, respectively). Ferragamo shoes, a custom white shirt and two-toned vintage Rolex complete the spiffy look. Photo by Chad Riley.

Fulk’s flair for fashion isn’t just window dressing; it’s an accoutrement for his more dynamic pursuits. Apart from his nonprofit arts foundation at St. Joseph’s Arts Society, Fulk sits on the board of the American Conservatory Theater and, along with his husband, Kurt Wootton, he supports a Provincetown-based arts organization called Twenty Summers. 

“Charles Hawthorne built this barn on a bluff atop Miller Hill in 1907, and it remains the country’s oldest continuously operating arts colony. We help bring art back to barn for one summer every year,” he explains. “It’s like Brigadoon popping up each summer!”

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