The Evolution Of Menswear


If this past year has shown us anything, it’s that we must be open to change and pliable. Menswear often follows these same guidelines, challenging men who are stuck in a rut of black suits and denim jeans to evolve a little. So, guys, let’s be bold — bring up that pant hem or swap a classic button-down for a simple white tee. And please toss outdated cargo shorts for these sophisticated ones. Remember, you shouldn’t hide under clothes. Instead, let your wardrobe showcase your personality.



When it comes to layering under that classic suit, leave the buttons behindand swap that starchy shirt for a classic tee. Canali’s spring collection shows the endless possibilities that come with pairing it’s gorgeous, well-tailored suits with something a little simpler.




In fashion, there’s little better than a monochromatic look. Sticking to one color pulls an outfit together. And don’t skimp on a bold pattern. This look from the Parisian brand Ami may include a large polka dot, but once layered, it achieves understated sophistication.




Brunello Cucinelli

For luxury brand Brunello Cucinelli, it’s always been about the textile. And this season’s collection didn’t disappoint — from its wearable cotton shorts and sweater combinations to the crisp suits that we all know and love. Sidenote: Every man should own at least one beautifully crafted piece of knitwear from this eponymous brand.


Greg Lauren

Greg Lauren successfully toes the line between classic and edgy. And his love of upcycling fabrics has always been deeply entrenched in his aesthetic. A highlight of the season is this cropped cargo pant, which is a flattering trend to get behind.




Billy Reid

It’s time to ditch those baggy cargo pants with bulky side pockets. Instead, go for a more flattering option — like this cropped linen drawstring pant from Billy Reid.






You can always count on olive as an approachable hue for menswear. This ensemble from Iceberg is a relaxed, yet put together, look for both the world we live in and for what’s to come.




Margaret Howell

Howell’s spring collection features utilitarian, well-designed looks in approachable neutrals. Any of her pieces can be effortlessly paired together, such as this gorgeous brown jacket and white linen short combination. And go ahead, try a sun (or bucket) hat. You know you want to.

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