The Force Is With BayKids Studios’ Film Festival

Photos by Matthew Tominaga

Raegan, Annette, George and Carley Rockenstein

June 2

Lucasfilm was a fitting site for BayKids Studios’ annual film festival, where budding young filmmakers showcased their latest work at the cinema giant’s premier theater. BayKids empowers children with illnesses by teaching the art of filmmaking. A dozen flicks were screened, and each moviemaker earned an “Oscar” and swagbag chock-full of goodies. Meanwhile, Lucasfilm employees took the stage to address the crowd, including lighting artist Rebecca Forth (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Jurassic World).The festival was wrapped at seasonally-driven restaurant, Sessions at the Presidio.

Martina and Mark Sandoval
Dave Spencer
Barbara Bock and Mark Barmore

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