The Storyteller

An ancient proverb declares that, “Those who tell the stories rule the world,” and corporate storyteller Donna Griffit has parlayed these words of wisdom into a thriving Silicon Valley career. Griffit is a self-described “pitch alchemist” who has helped more than 1,000 companies and individual investors to cut through C-Suite doublespeak and deliver highly captivating narratives.

Griffit’s own journey is an enthralling story in itself, and stands as eloquent testimony to the power of professional reinvention. After being accepted at New York University’s prestigious drama program, she spent six formative years in the Big Apple. Facing a paucity of vocational options in her preferred field, Griffit decided to answer a Craigslist ad on a whim a decade and a half ago.

It asked for trainers to teach presentation skills and business writing workshops. Griffit consequently found her true calling. She went on to work with a Who’s Who of corporate America and Fortune 500 heavyweights, advising such storied institutions as AOL, Facebook, and Microsoft on the art and science of crafting effective communications. Then in 2008, amid the restructuring wave brought on by the Great Recession, Griffit successfully embarked on her own story’s next chapter. Deftly pivoting from the world of large organizations to dynamic startups, she became an indispensable advisor to an ecosystem of key founders, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.

Griffit, who moved to the Bay Area about four years ago, is an expert on what it takes to make catchy written presentations, fundraising pitches, and sales decks. All told, she has helped clients in 30-plus countries to memorably distill information and simultaneously drive profits.

Summing up, Griffit says, “Storytelling has become a bit of an occupational buzzword over the past couple of years, but it’s as old as the Bible, Chekov, and Shakespeare. People are hardwired for stories. Knowing how to effectively convey a coherent message is imperative in any industry. It’s a skill that can be applied whether your business is focused on hardware or software, life sciences or lifestyles.”  


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