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The Wardrobe: Dilaria Saatchi

By David Nash

#Goalz. Anything but a garden variety look: Saatchi wears a two-piece ensemble from Fendi Pre-Fall 2018, paired with a Zara blazer, black snake-skin Isabel Marant ankle boots, and piles of jewelry from her gold, black rhodium, and diamond collections. A black Hermès Jige completes her look. Photographed by Margo Moritz.

For Turkish-born jewelry designer Dilara Saatchi, there’s a value in dressing. “It’s important to present yourself in the best way possible,” she explains. “It makes you feel so happy when you look good — you wake up, put something beautiful on, and it transforms you.” Saatchi’s inspiration for looking and feeling her best is her father, the musician and composer Ismet Nedim.

“He’s always appreciated beautiful things and puts in the effort to look his best — even when he’s home alone,” she says. “Growing up with such appreciation for style, I couldn’t help being that way too.”

Whether she’s designing new pieces for her eponymous collection — California first lady Jennifer Siebel Newsom has been spotted wearing several pieces — or assembling a casual day look, Saatchi puts her best foot forward, which usually means Chanel.

Turkish delight. Saatchi burns bright against the cool back-drop of her living room, wearing a deep coral silk floor-length Cengiz Abazoğlu evening gown — the jeweled neckline further embellished by a selection of the designer’s own pieces. Shoes by Jimmy Choo. Photographed by Margo Mortiz.

“I’ve been wearing Chanel ballerina flats for 20 years.” Though she often layers playful European brands like Gucci and Dior in her daily life, Saatchi’s gala go-to looks are unique and colorful creations by Istanbul-based fashion designers including Cengiz Abazoğlu, Zeynep Tosun, and Özgür Mansur.

“They’re classic, but with unexpected twists — exposing the décolleté the way I like,” says Saatchi. “For me it’s all about [a woman’s] back.” As for Saatchi’s must-haves this season: Isabel Marant’s Dicker, Archee or Lamsy ankle boots; a camel-colored cashmere coat by San Francisco designer Lan Jaenicke; skinny jeans from Golden Goose; and a 32 cm Hermès Kelly bag in virtually any shade of gray.

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