The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe: Jarrod Baumann

By Erin Carlson

“I like fashion as art and I appreciate its artistic value, and I wear things that are not all the same style — not even remotely close,” says Baumann, wearing an Alexander McQueen butterfly suit for his Gazette photo shoot. “You’ve seen me wear everything from peacock jackets to feathers on tuxedo jackets. It’s all over the place.” (Derek Yarra)

Landscape architect Jarrodd Baumann designs gorgeous gardens and outdoor escapes for the rich and the tasteful, bestowing everything from a Paris rooftop to a Palo Alto Spanish-style home with his sophisticated showmanship. Working on projects all over the world, Baumann — raised near Yosemite, based in the Bay Area — considers clients’ wide-ranging tastes and demands while adding his own distinctive flourish — for example, an award-winning checkerboard lawn complementing a modern home in Los Gatos. The CEO and founder of Zeterre Landscape Architecture draws inspiration from gardens in Montecito and northern Italy. Baumann’s California-meets-Europe aesthetic also merges in his sartorial sensibility. His signature look: a bespoke suit in a luxe fabric, like brocade or velvet, with high-fashion accessories. See: the dramatic, deep-purple cape he wore to last year’s San Francisco Fall Show. Iconique!

Baumann was raised in a “super conservative background, and I never thought that I would have this reputation, but I do now and I love it. People expect me to bring it and dress uniquely. And I like that. I like bringing it to San Francisco.” Sometimes, he adds, the City’s socialites call him in advance before social events to find out what he’s wearing so they can coordinate outfits. “That’s pretty darn cool,” says Baumann, who favors designers such as McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana and Balmain. “I have a lot of pieces by Balmain, and they’re just supercool and the lines of [their designs] are so beautiful. I love their brass zipper collections.”

“I grew up near Yosemite in a little town just below Mariposa. And I was telling [my boyfriend, Christopher Lawrie], “I was such an old soul in high school.” Like, I wore sports coats to high school, and I remember one of my friends telling me, ‘Jarrod, just because you’re probably going to employ half of our high school doesn’t mean you need to dress like it now.’ I just think it’s so funny.”

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