The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe of Carolyn Chang

story by Natasha Chalenko | photo by Margo Moritz

Dr. Carolyn Chang

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Carolyn Chang is renowned for her “less is more” aesthetic in achieving flawless, natural-looking results. “My signature is that you cannot see the signature—you see the person. And I think it’s the most important thing in plastic surgery.” This strategy comes through in Dr. Chang’s exquisite fashion style and undeniably puts her at the top of the city’s best-dressed lists. “I like to be on trend, but in a slightly restrained way. I naturally gravitate to the aesthetics in fashion. I like to have a really fabulous designer piece, but it has to keep with my own personality. ” Dr. Chang opts for comfortable and stylish ensembles with pieces by Celine, Chanel and Victoria Beckham in the mix. “I’m a master online shopper for gowns,” she reveals. “I’m visually oriented and have a really good sense of what looks good on me.” Meanwhile, “I spend probably 30 hours a week in scrubs, so when I get to dress up, for me it’s an event—I get to have that self-expression.”

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