The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe of Willie Brown

by Natasha Chalenko | photo by John Lee

Willie Brown is a man who needs no introduction. A political and social powerhouse, he is often referred to as San Francisco’s most scene-stealing former mayor, and, definitely, the most stylish. “I lean toward classic in terms of fabric and shapes. I actually prefer something that I can keep and wear, and it will be equally as fresh 10 years from the day that I buy it.” The Honorable Mr. Brown names the late Wilkes Bashford as a major influence in forming his style and favors Brioni, Kiton, Isaia and Tom Ford. When it comes to editing his dashing closet, he adheres to a strict set of rules. “If I don’t wear it for one year it has to be unusually special to stay in the wardrobe,” he says. “Otherwise, I give it to Goodwill. … I think if you are in public life, you literally have a duty at all times to be appropriately attired. Your wardrobe must be reflective of each and every time you are representing your city, your district, your state, you have to consider Where, When and Why.”

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