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The Wardrobe: Olya Dzilikhova

By Erin Carlson

Olya Dzilikhova wears a Vetements blazer and Bottega Veneta boots for a fashion It Girl look. Vetements, the influential label founded in 2014 by Georgian brothers Demna and Guram Gvasalia, has reminded Dzilikhova of “where I’m from and where I grew up — from movie to movie, from our school uniforms, how our dads used to dress, how our moms used to dress.” As for Bottega, she admires Celine alum Daniel Lee, the brand’s creative director, for giving it new life. “He literally erased that line between a ‘female’ and ‘male’ Bottega, because technically there are a lot of pieces that can be substituted back and forth.” (Spencer Brown)

In a sea of Instagram influencers wedded to fast-fashion trends, posting only the most over-the-top, notice-me outfits, stylist Olya Dzilikhova stands out as a refreshingly chic antidote. The San Francisco stylist is well known around the world for her highly curated, one-of-a-kind wardrobe and a deep appreciation for the art and history of fashion. Her signature color: black.

On her popular Instagram (@olya_dzilikhova_olyavator), Dzilikhova often sports monochromatic black ensembles, which are always interesting and never one designer head-to-toe. The native New Yorker, who started her career at Bergdorf Goodman and will soon launch her sustainability startup The Remoda, mashes up different textures and proportions to create an individual style all her own: timeless yet interesting, both of the street and the runway, and unafraid to flirt with edgy glamour.

“My mom taught me that black is not the color of something sad,” says Dzilikhova. “She said that, usually, people who wear black are very sure of themselves and know exactly what they’re doing.” It’s not about trying to fit in, she adds, “It’s more about taking [one’s] intelligence to a different level and just leveling it up with one tone.”

Dzilikhova favors high-fashion brands from Balenciaga to Bottega Veneta, but if she had to bring just two luxury labels with her to a desert island, she’d choose Parisian pioneers Maison Margiela and Chanel — from the latter, only pieces (like pants or a sophisticated sweater) “that are very timeless, that are not over the top, that probably no one even knows that they’re Chanel.”

Dzilikhova resembles Jackie Onassis in this stunning Bottega Veneta dress, another Daniel Lee creation. “I loved it because it has a very heavy fabric. The cut is extremely sexy, but at the same time, the way it covers your neck … it’s almost rebellious, I would say. I just feel like this is the most timeless dress because it doesn’t matter your age, it doesn’t matter where you are.” She suggests pairing it with Bottega boots and a leather jacket for a daytime look, and sparkly sandals at night. (Spencer Brown)

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