They blinded us with science at Big Bang 2018

Photos by Drew Altizer

 Big Bang 2018 Gala Location: California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park Attendees: 2,400 Event Chairs: Betsy Ellis Chung and Peter Chung Cause: The Academy’s mission to shape a more sustainable future Amount raised: $2.3 million 

The future may indeed be so bright you have to wear shades, as the Big Bang 2018 gala celebrated both bold ideas and innovative scientific solutions at The California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. The academy’s biggest annual fundraiser drew a crowd, with more guests coming in waves for the Big Bang: Party After Dark starred a DJ set by Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist T-Pain. Other attractions included an adult-sized ball pit, a silent disco in the aquarium, a swing set and Vortex 2.0, an art and music experience of planetary proportions. On the guest list: Topher White, Emily Cassidy, Barry Lipman, Marie Lipman, Durrell Kapan, Bob Fisher, Randi Fisher, Jerome Vascellaro, Scott Moran, Claudia Rocha, Steven Bedard, Naomi Lundman, Katja Schulze, Breanne Howell and Jake Howell. The cause? The gala helps fund the Academy’s mission to “explore, explain and sustain life” on Earth — while welcoming 1.5 million visitors every single year.

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