‘Uncanny Valley’ Hits Close to Home

By Drew Altizer Photography

Opening night of ‘Uncanny Valley: Being Human in the Age of AI’ at the de Young Museum.

The de Young’s exhibit Uncanny Valley: Being Human in the Age of AI dissects our role as humans in a world run by machines — and in some cases, the ways in which our region has contributed to such a dynamic. The collection of work provoked and delighted the crowd of smart, stylish San Franciscans who showed up on opening night.

The museum’s curator-in-charge, Claudia Schmuckli, with Director Thomas Campbell.
We saw Kaitlyn Krieger wearing black leather culottes and Bottega Veneta blue stretch sandals, so we bought black leather culottes and Bottega Veneta blue stretch sandals; the philanthropist posed with her husband, Mike Krieger, who co-founded Instagram.
Jessica Silverman and Sarah Thornton glowing brighter than their neon-green backdrop, which is part of an installation by Zach Blas called ‘The Doors,’ which “serves as a portal, both literally and metaphorically, into the corporate culture of Silicon Valley.”
Some of the evening’s featured artists: Agnleszka Kurant, whose piece ‘A.A.I. (artificial artificial intelligence)’ was a colorful crowd pleaser, and Trevor Paglen, who made a statement with both his T-shirt and his gridded installation (pictured above), ‘They Took the Faces From the Accused and the Dead … (SD18).’ They strike a pose with U.C. Berkeley professor Julia Bryan-Wilson.
Valerie Wade, Richard Hoblock and Michael Brennan: “Say cheese! No — artificial intelligence!”

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